10 Reasons Working for a Startup is Both The Best and Worst Thing Ever


1. You have crazy ideas that everyone says can’t be done.


2. When your friends and family ask, the launch date is always “next week.”

3. Fighting over one sentence, whether it be for an email or website content, is a daily occurrence.

4. Getting more than 5 retweets or 7 likes on Facebook is pure elation.

5. Some weeks pizza day is the most exciting thing to happen.


6. When you get an email from a potential investor it feels like the ball drop on New Year’s…


7. …but when a potential employee comes in at least one person gives them “The Look.”

8. Google Analytics is like porn.

9. Understanding your web developer is impossible.

10. Working with a small team makes you feel like you finally made it into the Plastics.


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