8 Stumbles to help you make it to Friday

If this is not your life right now, read on.

If this is not your life right now, read on.

Pre-Friday is here! That means it’s time to party!

Just kidding that means it’s Thursday. You’ve still got two days to go.

So when you (inevitably) need a break, sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and check out some of our favorite Stumbles from StumbleUpon while you recharge.

1. This motivational ramble by Jackson Brown, Jr. showcased by @kkoolook. Check out his website for content that makes you think twice. Check out his curated archive of cool photos while you’re there.

2. These photos from a National Geographic photography contest.

3. More photos from cool places all over the world.

4. This is probably the coolest. Squareeater uses a combination of binaural beats and psychostrobic flicker effects to attempt to induce brainwave entrainment in the viewer. Use your headphones.

5. Kill some time with these psychology tests by the BBC.

6. This “interactive film” by The Wilderness Downtown will provide you with a cool, albeit slightly creepy trip down memory lane.

7. Weigh in on life’s most challenging (not really) questions at Yourather.com.

8. Browse through these 40 websites to make your day more interesting.


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