How To Survive The Reunion At Your Hometown Bar During The Holidays


Thought Catalog

Carpool with your childhood best friend. The only one you still talk to on a bi-monthly basis. Go into the dive bar/bowling alley that hasn’t seen this much traffic since last Christmas. The annual bar pilgrimage of 20-somethings, trying to escape their childhood home. The return of the prodigal millennials.

Get to the bar, and immediately see everyone you grew up with. Be as self-conscious now as you were at the 8th grade graduation dance. The same insecurities, the same sheepish mannerisms. Realize your outfit is way too city for a place that hosts a Wednesday bowling league. Contemplate leaving, but realize it would be much worse if you did. Order a Whiskey-Ginger. Wonder if you would look cooler if you could drink whiskey straight.

See your grade school arch-nemesis. The one that took your journal out of your backpack in middle school and read it out loud during morning…

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