an ode to ombre


Each year, when winter finally decides it’s done punishing everyone and spring comes out to play, a few colors or color combinations reign supreme. Fashion forward girls all over the world wear them all day and all night until they’re no fun anymore, and then it’s suddenly fall and people care about boots again.

But last year something odd happened. Ombre reigned supreme — and any color or color combination worked just fine.

What’s even more weird (and awesome) is that ombre is still in, and poised to take the spring and summer seasons by storm again.

Since ombre is still super fun and super in, here’s an homage to ombre – prepare to drool.


There will never be enough ombre maxi dresses to quench our thirst for them.

First of all, it works in hair too:



Our hearts can't handle all of this awesome

a162c1731f75970e485ddf5149f3a44aAnd nails!:


It works on your face, if you’re gutsy:

0c9abe7359eb497d31ae7acfd51796e5 2840661e499abc51ee71dbfff353381f

But best of all, it works on all types of clothing:

Unknown Unknown-1 ombre-wedding-ideas-03.jpg?w=560 297 ombre-dress images-5 images-6 images-4 images-3 images-2 images images-1images images-1

Okay, we lied. Clothing is the second best thing that can be ombre.

As always, cake trumps everything else:

Ombre_Pink_Rose_Wedding_cake images-4 images-3 images-2 Unknown

Now, go forth and wear (and eat) all the colors!


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