Doing Boyfriend Jeans the Right Way


What if we said we had the answer to all of your relationship woes?

I bet you’re thinking we are crazy, but hear us out — everyone knows a girl’s best companion is fashion. This spring and summer,  boyfriend jeans (ripped or not) will keep you company and have you looking your best. Whether you pair them with pumps, wedge sneakers, sandals, or flats you’re guaranteed to look great. Who needs a boyfriend when you have the boyfriend jean?

This versatile jean looks great with almost anything, so read on for some ways to do the boyfriend jean right…


This is a super fun night look! All that glitters is gold, and with this look you’ll be sure to steal the show.


This wedge sneaker combo with a loose tank is perfect for a day to night at a bar transition.


The tight crop top and high top converse look is flawless.


This is an incredible night out look, and can transition into a clubbing look after without the blazer.


Dress this look up or down and kill the town.


The addition of sparkly loafers and an oversized bag make this a great spring day look.


Oversized tee, hat and booties, this is a great shopping outfit.

Crop top, blazer, tight shirt, or baggie, these looks will help you achieve the boyfriend jean look in just the right way. Mix and match them or do it just as you see above – it you really can’t go wrong.


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