How to Put Together An Awesome Work Wardrobe on the Cheap


The key to building a work wardrobe is to make sure you have basic, classic pieces that you can mix and match with more unique, standout pieces. If you’re trying to create work looks that can last you for many seasons, it can be pretty pricey – if you don’t know where to look.

Read on for our list of classic pieces that won’t have you crying as you hand your card to the cashier.

What you need first is a few classic pencil skirts in neutral colors, like this one from The Limited.  Black, grey, navy, or camel should do nicely.


If your office has a strict environment, go for the matching blazer as well.

Next, you should get a few pairs of flattering work pants. Depending on your height and shape, this could be a wide leg pant, a straight leg pant, a cropped pant (NOT for uptight offices), a tapered pant, or any combination of the above.

Check out Gap’s Premium Pant collection to explore your options. They’re bottomless! (HA). No really, check it out. Cropped pants are our fav right now.


Next, go crazy on as many blouses as you can afford. Of course buy a classic button down – what wardrobe would be complete without one? We like this one, from Express. It comes in about a million colors.


With your tops is where you have the most flexibility to really showcase your personal style.

We love this.


And this.


And this one!




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