Dark Lipstick for every skin tone


bb.katgraham-290x290So, dark lipstick is pretty popular, right? People like, love love love it. It’s all over every magazine and runway… but those people have personal stylists. They spend hours having their makeup done by a professional.

We have Sephora. We have 20 minutes to get out the door so we can make it to work on time.

What we don’t have is time to experiment and end up looking cray.

So what’s a girl to do?

The secret is actually pretty simple – If you have to pick just one lipstick, pick a dark, purplish color. It seriously looks good NO MATTER WHAT.

The trick is in the undertones. If you’re fair skinned, pick one with lighter undertones, like a purple with a pink undertone. We’re not talking lavender here. It still needs to be dark, just have a hint of a lighter color mixed in.

If you have dark skin, pick a purple with a dark undertone, like brown or even a dark red.

If you have medium skin, lucky you – you get to toe the line and pick one with light or dark undertones and you’ll look great in either.

Be sure not to go crazy with the eye makeup, and remember – a little goes a long way!

Click through the gallery to indulge your dark lipstick fantasy.


an ode to ombre


Each year, when winter finally decides it’s done punishing everyone and spring comes out to play, a few colors or color combinations reign supreme. Fashion forward girls all over the world wear them all day and all night until they’re no fun anymore, and then it’s suddenly fall and people care about boots again.

But last year something odd happened. Ombre reigned supreme — and any color or color combination worked just fine.

What’s even more weird (and awesome) is that ombre is still in, and poised to take the spring and summer seasons by storm again.

Since ombre is still super fun and super in, here’s an homage to ombre – prepare to drool.


There will never be enough ombre maxi dresses to quench our thirst for them.

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