The Busy Gal’s Guide: Meditation and Mindfulness


Busy, Busy, Busy. We gals have a lot on our plates. Work, work outs, brunch, booze… I like alliteration so I’m stopping there – but you get the picture. All this socializing and getting stuff done can take its toll on anyone.

Enter our solution to handling it all with grace and composure – say it with me –


Yes, meditation. Not that much of it and not for that long, and yet, it really, really helps. Here’s what you need.

You need your commitment. 

This commitment is to yourself and to your practice. Meditation, like most good things, is something that you can’t just reap the benefits of without putting in the necessary work.

Tell yourself you’re going to dedicate five minutes to meditation every day, and then do it. Write it on your calendar if you need to, but take back just 5 minutes of all of the seconds, minutes, and hours of every day that you give to others. You need those 5 minutes for yourself. Set a timer, turn it on, and let’s go.

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