5 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow Immediately


Oh, the places we would go….

If we didn’t have to pay bills, go to class, work a double this Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday, get to bed a decent hour …

Since the money and time to travel the world is the stuff most of our dreams are made of, here are 5 travel Instagram accounts you should follow to keep your wanderlust in check.

1) Conde Nast Traveler: this is travel the way you’d always dreamed it would be – luxurious, well planned, and perfectly captured in one of the oldest and most renowned travel publications around.  Follow @CNTraveler for endless goodies.

Beautiful Vieques

Beautiful Vieques

2. Travel + Leisure: Travel should be leisurely, we think. Their website is filled with great photos and tips for great vacations all over the globe. Follow them at @Travelandleisure for the good pics.

Ion Hotel, Iceland

Ion Hotel, Iceland

3. Thuglifeforevs: Freelance photographer Emily Blincoe travels all around the Lone Star State taking quirky shots in abandoned buildings and photographing found objects along the way. Follow her at @thuglifforevs, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Emily Blincoe

4. Jethro Mullen: By day, Jethro is a journalist for CNN. By night, superhero? Who knows. But his Instagram is full of interesting, whimsical photos. If you have a thing for symmetry you’ll like this account. @jethromullen.

Photo credit: Jethro Mullen

Photo credit: Jethro Mullen

5. Tyson Wheatley: He works in the communications department for Instagram, but that’s not why we chose him. His account is full of fun, colorful photos, so check it out @TWheat

Photo Credit: Tyson Wheatley

Photo Credit: Tyson Wheatley


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